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Wednesday, September 30, 2009 2:19 PM

We were once so strong. Did somewhere we went wrong?

What exactly is Love. We always love hanging the 3 words: 'I Love You' at the tip of our tongue but what it is exactly? What I know is that when you love someone, you'll do anything for him. You'll accept all his flaws. You respect each other, you care and concern for each other, you give each other advises or anything you know. But sometimes even when we've given all out, we still tend to quarrel. Why? Did anything went wrong? Well, maybe because sometimes we let our pride took over us. It's hard when neither one wants to bow down and take the step back.

Now I saw the lyrics of this song (taken from Pei Ling's blog). Would you be there?

If I were blue, would you be there for me, and whisper in my ears that's ok. Would you stand by me and let me hold you tight, and say you love me one more time.

If I feel good, would you slow dance with me, and touch my lips with tender loving care. Would you die for me, would you run with me, and never look back.

Would you be there to love, to be with me? Would you swear that your love is always true? Would you say that you'll always be the one, to take my breath away?

Would you be there?

If I am away, would you still think of me and wish that you could hold me now. Would you die with me, would you run with me, all the way.

Would you be there to save my soul tonight, would you swear that you love is always true. Would you say that you'll always be there, to kiss my pain away.

Would you be there, for me...


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I have no problems to befriend with anybody & I have a lots of personality that make others hard to understand me. Like a chameleon, I always manage to suits myself with environment but I do suffer because I depend mostly in luck and mood.


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