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Monday, June 29, 2009 1:42 PM

Omg omg I'm gonna flyyyyyyy! Mother asked me why am I not with Gary anymore, so I just said we quarrelled that's all. I took that chance to tell her I'm with a new guy now. Hahaha she's ok with it! She say since Darling is a good guy, bring him back home, don't always go out play. And if I can get discharge, discharge fast and go home stay if not I'll suffer in hostel. (Perhaps she thinks that hostel don't allow me to have boyfriend.) She also asked me to bring Darling home to stay over if he wants to! Oh god I'm so happy right now.

Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen later. This time my turn to treat Darling :D

Sunday, June 28, 2009 9:22 AM

Hehe Tiger looks fake like that.

What a gay scarf Tiger has. Oh no it's my underwear. He was sleeping and when I was preparing to have my shower, he seems so cute in his sleep so I wanted to put my undies on him and have a picture of it but he woke up. By then PeiShi and Bri came snapping pictures of him too -.-

Mother wants me to stay at home during my holidays. I'm fine with it except that I'm afraid that I cannot go out. Birthday coming and I've yet know how to celebrate it. Darling say celebrate at home. Oh my god, that's kinda difficult cuz he wants me to tell my mother about us fast (with this week). Hahaha anyway I managed to guess what present is Darling getting for me after so many days. He regretted for telling me hints.

Everyone do make mistakes. At least you did not deny. Many reasons because I can accept it. Partly is because once bitten, twice shy. For me, I prefer to hear the truth and forget about it after that. I choose not to make a din about it cuz what's done have been done. My past have make me grew stronger to accept every little wrong you've made. It's also because of love. I love you and that's why I accept the mistakes you do. If I don't love you, I would have left you without hearing any explaination.

Darling I remember when we met, how could I forget. That was a special day, my problems rushed away. My life began when I saw you, ever since then, I started new. Whenever we're together, I just wish that the moment would last forever. You give me a smile when it seems impossible. You're my everything, my one true love sent from above. When I was little and I watch people kiss, I thought it was wrong but now I have this. I don't need money to be rich because when I'm with you, I'm richest of the rich. I don't need no one else, just you and myself. Us against the world, me and you Darling. I love you so much, I love your touch, I love your eyes, it makes my hearts fly. You give me everything, you give me breath. Death will not do us apart. When you hold me in your arms, the world makes sense. Never will I leave you, I'll stay through all with you. I love you.

Saturday, June 27, 2009 4:06 PM

Advanced celebration for Diana :D

Nic: Tighten your hands so your wish will come true better.

Happy girl!

Eww shit. Marshmallow + sour cream + sambal + bacon bits etc.

Blind miceeeee~
Nigel (Diana's brother) don't wana take picture with me -.-

Xiao Qian!

Awww he's so bloody cute!

Went back home to stay last night. Heh my mum is ok with me now but I'm afraid that things may happen again. Let's see.

Monday, June 22, 2009 5:00 PM

Phew just completed my case study of nursing care plan. Easy shit. Darling to need to cover another person's shift today but he seems so relax, playing Dota again while I'm the one working for him. Sheesh!

Okay work was so bored today. Everyone calls me a Living-dead. My cubicle have only one patient and she's bed bound so I can't do anything ._. Half the time my mind was occupied with when is the pay coming so I can go shopping and buy clothes for Darling and how ugly I am with so many ugly pimples on my face because of my menses. Urgh.

Someone is making my toes laughing like hell.

Sunday, June 21, 2009 12:50 PM

I seems to be having a zombie Boyfriend. Look at his eyes! Serve him right for not sleeping.

Look at this miniature monster. Cute la dey!


Baby/JJ wana drink Tiger's milk too -.-

Gee pictures of Darling, Jie Yi and kittens later!

Nothing much about yesterday. Went to West Coast Plaza and shopped around. Omg Nike sports bra for only 35 bucks! I wana get a few more for myself! Have been spending alot during Great Singapore Sale. Darling have been stopping me to buy everything I've seen. That's so sad.

Saturday, June 20, 2009 7:32 AM

Look what time is it and I'm already blogging here. Now Darling is counting money beside me, nagging about how tired he is and complaining about the time ticking-tocking so slow. Gave him a Choco Pie and he says its not nice. It's bought from my mother okayyyy!

Ok speaking of my mother, she bought me a new handphone (not new/latest model) as my birthday present and my father passed it to me yesterday. At least not some cock handphone like the ones I'm using previously. Ya and supplies of food toooo! Choco Pies, boxes of chocolates, oreos and packets of green teas for me to grow fat.

Ok ok I need to go and accompany my fatty Darling now.

A quiz from JiaTong. Didn't want to do it at th start cuz' I was too lazy but now I'm s so freaking bored so ya.. Lets see.

All of the 14 people must do this quiz , unless he/she doesn't have a blog.
Write the name of 14 people you can think off the top of your head. Then answer the question.
(Not in order)
1. Wei Kiat
2. Hui Ling
3. Yi Ting
4. Diana
5. Brigette
6. Karen
7. PeiShi
8. Evelyn
9. Dyon
10. Zolyn
11. En
12. Wilson
13. Pei Ling
14. JJ (Hahaha my cat!)

1. How did you get to meet 7 ?
- My room mate!
2. What would you do if you & 13 never meet ?
- Ring her up and gossip like we always do.
3. What would you do if 1 & 12 date ?
- Over my dead body -.-
4. Have you ever seen 14 cry ?
- I've never seen a cat cry before. Hahaha!
5. Would 4 & 11 be a good couple?
- Hi-Bye Friends.
6. Do you think 11 is attactive?
- Old and pretty.
7. What's 2's favourite colour ?
- Pink and black and don't know what else.
8. When was the last time you talk to 9 ?
- 2 days ago.
9. What language does 8 speak ?
- English, malay and germany language.
10. Who is 13 going out with ?
- Married.
11. What grade is 12 in ?
- Secondary 4.
12. Would you ever date with 10 ?
- My cousin! Hahaha sure and I'll definitely burn a hole in her pocket.
13. Where does 5 live ?
- Chinese Garden. But sleeping next to me from Monday-Friday.
14. What's the best thing about 3 ?
- Naggy. Fun to disturb.
16. What's the best thing about 8 ?
- Nice room mate.
17. Have you ever kissed 5 ?
- No but I think she'll be glad if I kiss her.
18. What was the best memories you have with 7 ?
- Nothing eh.
19. When's the last time you saw 6 ?
- 7 hours ago.
20. How is 14 & 12 different ?
- 14 is a female cat while 12 is a boy/man.
21. Is 6 pretty ?
- Presentable.
22. What was the first impression of 11 ?
- Fierce and nice lady.
23. How did you meet 5 ?
- My room mate.
24. Is 1 your best friend ?
- My Darlinggggggg!
25. Do you hate 12 ?
- When he pawns me in Audition.
26. Have you seen 4 on the last month ?
- Supposingly!
27. When was the last time you talked to 3 ?
- 1 month ago.
28. Have you been to 5's house ?
- Yea and stayed over.
29. When's the next time your gonna see 10 ?
- Hahaha soon.
30. Are you close to 13 ?
- When we're in school.
31. Have you been to a movie with 4 before ?
- Yea. Ninja Turtles -.-
32. Have you ever gotten into trouble with 8 ?
- Mah. Peace in Scholars Room.
33. Would you give 2 a hug ?
- Yes if I'm those passionate kind of person.
34. Have you lied to 3 before?
- I tell her about every little things.
35. Is 1 good with socializing ?
- Anti-Social!

Monday, June 15, 2009 10:23 PM

Sitting on my bed with July month of Girlfriend Magazine on my lap now. Heh my birthday coming soon and fuck it cuz it'll be the 3rd day of school! How am I gonna enjoy it. Well, today back to female ward and as usual, first work for e day is to bring patient to toilet. Darling helped me to buy cat food and came to hospital to passed it to me if not e cat will die in hunger. Hee thanks Darling.

Ok time for me to shower or maybe not cuz' I'm very lazy!

Sunday, June 14, 2009 1:31 PM

Just had my 10km run. Heh the whole road was ours. Finished it in 1 hour 10 minutes. Yea and Yvonne did us proud! She came in 7th position for the Womans' Open! I wonder will our face appear in the news ><
More races coming up soon. MILK (Mainly I Love Kids) Run on 5 July 2009, Mizuno Wave Run on 13 Sep 2009 & Salomon X Trail Run on 8 Nov 2009.

Saturday, June 13, 2009 10:24 AM

Welcome our new family member: Tigerrrrrrr! Look at the difference between Baby and Tiger! Tiger is only my palm size. Oh anyway Tiger is a male. Baby is getting very jealous and angry these few days. We tried to put 2 of them together but Baby would always try to attack. Ya Baby is always alone these few days and she just broke a cup yesterday.

Oh well, I think it has been a long time since I've posted an angry post. Yesterday was the last day at Ward 4 and I was totally pissed off with 2 other attachment girls. Use your bloody pea brain to think whose at fault first before blaming other people lah. Taking damn long breaks or the people complaining it to teacher? Oh I think I should not be using the word 'complain' because we're just doing ourselves a favour. By letting you guys going for 1 hour break doesn't benefit us at all instead it add up our work load. You guys don't need to come and act up a conversation infront of me cuz' this is just being childish. Seriously I find that you girls have no life because your common topic is only about boys boys boys. It really disgust me so much. Bloody mofos!

Ok tomorrow will be the Mizuno 10km Run. My first 10km run was Run for Hope and that was like so long ago? Tried out the route with other girls and it was quite okay. The up slope was really a killer but most of the route is running along road side. Hundreds of runners wearing green jersey while AG Girls will be the ones in blue. The NewPaper reporters says whoever came in first (within AG Girls), she'll give us $500! Hehehe I'll do my very best!

Bri's chalet today and Darling don't wana go with me!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009 5:14 PM

Happy 1 Monthsary! Cooked for Darling yesterday, wanted to bring for him today but I don't know why, don't feel like giving him anymore so I gave it to room mates. To think that Darling wanted to surprise me by updating my blog but he updated wrongly at NewBieZ blog! So damn paiseh la!

Oh my dad came yesterday with many many stuffs my mum had packed. Foods (as if I'm on some runaway mission), clothes, hair accesories, handphone and most importantly my bank book. Heh after my dad left, my sister called me and I can hear the background full of my mum's voices. My mum wants me to go home and stay tonight or any other night but I don't think I want to anyway.

Bri's birthday celebration on Saturday and Mizuno Mount Faber Run run on Sunday!

Monday, June 08, 2009 9:07 PM

Work have been more and more enjoyable for me now. Did not met Darling today cuz he needs rest after work and same goes to me too. Same tomorrow and ya because my father is coming to pass me my bank book. Wednesday, definitely yes! Will be making Baked Potato with Cheese for Darling for 1 Monthsary. Hopes he likes it!

Sunday, June 07, 2009 8:21 AM

I think I need to be more understanding towards Darling. He has been working so much and I think I did not care about him. To me, I rather he accompany me than to work. To me, companion is more important than money. But I just wana tell you that your love means more to me than anything and I'll do whatever it takes to prove that to you. Since the day I met you and your love touched my heart I knew that my life would never be the same. Darling you'll have my heart and my love forever.

Yay Darling finally wake up le! Movie again. Drag me to helllllllll!

Saturday, June 06, 2009 11:35 AM

Woosh I love Osmanthus Green Tea! 30 minutes more and Darling will end his work. In fact he had already stopped the moment I step in because he keeps on playing Dota and I'm the one sitting at the counter managing it! Gaaah.

Friday, June 05, 2009 7:23 PM

Darling if I say I love you a million times, still it would not be enough because I just love you so much that no one can know how much. In my heart you'll always be here or there forever, forever. My love will always be where ever you are. I'll never leave your hand, you're forever with me. I'll never ever see you sad because forever I'll be by your side. I can touch the sky for you, I'll always be with you. No one, no one will ever take your place in this world until heaven. I'll never break my promise. You're the man, the cure of my pain. Ever since you came into my life, you've changed my world. This makes me believe that I'll love you till the end. It feels so great having you around. The happiness that I feel, no one can ever describe.

Each thought of you fills me with sweet emotion. I give to you my deep and complete devotion. Of everything I know and I treasure, it's you, my love, who gives me the perfect pleasure. I love your way with me, your touch and your kiss. To you, I give you the whole me because I believe that you're my destiny. To you, I offer you with every best of my heart because I believe that you'll value it. I want to share my whole life with you for me to show that my love is true. Loving you is what I want to do although I know it'll makes me blue because tears in my eyes has nothing to do with you if I'm with a person like you.

Darling I love you!

Ok damn it I've been eating too much with Darling lately and I'm 62kg now (OVERWEIGHT)! I need to cut down on eating and go more running. Darling, STOP FEEDING ME!

My poor breast was being grabbed by the IMH patient accidentally. Well was trying to stop him from climbing out from his bed then he tried to bite me, so I hold onto him la. Who knows he grabbed wrong place! Pain la dey. Didn't wana inform lecturer because he's an IMH patient leh. Understandable right? Attachment friend went to tell lecturer about it and I was being questioned. Aiya but as long as I'm ok with it, doesn't really matter.

Helping Darling to work again. Asshole he's playing Dota now.

Thursday, June 04, 2009 5:00 PM

Ayeee woke up late for work today! Cabbed down to hospital immediately. Hehehe lied to lecturer that cuz' I'm facing some family issues. Late for 10 minutes and I because it's family issues, lecturer say no need to replace 1 hour. 10 minutes will do. Heh.

Going over to Gary's house with Darling soon to get my stuffs. 10 June is coming and this marks the first monthsary of Darling and me. He don't seems to be lacking of anything so I don't know what to get for him! Even so, he's always with me, I can't even get a surprise present for him la! Even when I'm blogging now, he's reading it beside me.

Ok needa go. Blog on weekends again.

Hello long time no post already . posting for dear dear since she asked mi to . Working now ... so tired and bored .. today meeting dear dear ! :D finally uhh ! heh . 6 more days to our 1st month . yeahh ! lets jiayou baby ! i shall post till here :D love euu always my dear ! ! ! !

I.L.Y forever

Tuesday, June 02, 2009 12:02 AM

Anyway I miss Darling. Will not be meeting him for 5 days due to work. Darling I love you and that's forever true. Don't always think that you're not loving and pampering me enough cuz I feel that you're treating ,e very good already. I'm very contented. Don't think that you've did nothing yet cuz to me, loving me is already a very big thing! I gave you the promise that I'll never leave you, I'll sure do it. Darling I love you.

Monday, June 01, 2009 11:55 PM

I hate it when someone come and tell me about Darling's past. Hello come on, it's over! I don't give a shit about what happened in the past cuz as long as we're happy being with each other, it'll be fine! Worst is, I hate people condemning my love ones. If you're unhappy, say your peace once and for all fast. If you condemn my love ones just because of your personal problems, then I think you should go and die.


Birthday : O8O792

I have no problems to befriend with anybody & I have a lots of personality that make others hard to understand me. Like a chameleon, I always manage to suits myself with environment but I do suffer because I depend mostly in luck and mood.


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