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Monday, August 03, 2009 2:04 PM

Omg seriously I need to blog this out because I'm feeling damn uneasy inside out. If you think that I'm saying about you, then so be it. You can come and ask me too but I think I have the rights to tell you the truth or not anyway. Hahaha so don't bother. But if you see this post and you're so damn sure that it's about you, heh then change yourself lor. *Roll my eyes at you* :D

Hello my dear, can you stop being so childish? 20 plus already leh. Don't you realise that everyone is starting to hate you now? I wonder why you're still a thick skin bitch. Brrr. We do have eyes to see you so pleaseeeeee don't always self-praise yourself can. (I'm not gonna use the word judge cuz I know I don't have the rights to do that). So you think you're very pretty? Only know how to criticise people while you yourself look like a freak? Do you need me to lend you a mirror? Sheesh! Whine whine whineee is all you know. Sometimes you really look like a kind soul but oh my god, I didn't know that you're a monster behind scene. Quit your acting la, I no scared of monster. Hahaha!

Actually I got alot more to post but I scared my readers will be kinda bored so I'm gonna post about Darling and me now.

Ok so, a big thank you to Darling. He has been spending alot lately after getting his pay. Restaurants, movies etc. Went to eat Dim Sum first then Vivo with Darling and his friends. Had Ben & Jerry's ice cream and watched the movie: Fighting. Ok being with him is so happy that not all words can be described out. Darling I love you and sooooo, bye!


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I have no problems to befriend with anybody & I have a lots of personality that make others hard to understand me. Like a chameleon, I always manage to suits myself with environment but I do suffer because I depend mostly in luck and mood.


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