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Sunday, August 09, 2009 3:34 PM

Ok so apparently, room mates actually suspect me of stealing money. Oh shit. Nono I should use the word 'wonder'. No intentions of suspecting/accusing at all. Whatever. Deep deep in my heart, I know that I'm not that cheap to the extend of stealing will do. Anyway, this thing actually affects me quite alot because I hate being malign and apparently, it makes me starts to hate them more and wana move back home. But on second thoughts, home isn't the best choice too.

Hmm going out for movie with Darling later. Had quite some fun with him these few days. As usual, he lovesss irritating me. I wonder why he doesn't do that on his ex-girlfriends. Do I look like the kind that have the 'come-and-irritate-me' face? Sheesh! Ooops side tracked abit. Ya so went to West Coast Plaza yesterday. Wanted to eat Jacks Place but don't know why ended at the plaza and had dinner at West C'oz Cafe which totally sucks. Steak? All meat are cancelled. Lagsane? Sorry due to cooking time, unavailable. Shit so I tried the SeaFood Baked Rice which makes me wana puke after second mouth. Bought 3 tops and a bag which look so cool to me. Heh.


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I have no problems to befriend with anybody & I have a lots of personality that make others hard to understand me. Like a chameleon, I always manage to suits myself with environment but I do suffer because I depend mostly in luck and mood.


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