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Tuesday, July 28, 2009 7:24 PM

Just a simple blogskin, I like.

Aiyo today very tired. Didn't want to go to school so early as there's no Sports & Wellness but teacher was kind hearted enough to book a lab for us to practise our phase test for this weekend so just go lor. Had lessons at Simulation Centre and it was quite fun. Wanted to rush back and have a good nap initially but classmate invited me to her house to celebrate her dog's birthday. Haha tasted dog's cake. No taste la -.-

Darling's working place is gonna close down. This Thursday will be the last day of his work which means that chances of me playing online games will be much more lesser. But this isn't something worth being sad about. It's about his new job. What if his new job requires him to work on weekends?! Although it's just part time but hmph. Darling says he'll buy a couple ring this weekend after he gets his pay as my birthday present! Omg I'm so happy cuz this isn't him! He's simply the kind of person that do not want to have a couple ring unless the relationship is about 1 year and it's stable if not he finds it a wastage. Ok ya so will be looking around for rings this weekend. Oh and a necklace for me to wear it with the ring because school doesn't allow us to wear it. I don't want it to be confiscated. Darling I Love You :D

Eh I want to upload those pictures but what's up with Blogger!


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