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Saturday, July 04, 2009 10:02 PM

Had my birthday celebration yesterday. I can say that it's much more fun than past few years. Hostel friends and some secondary friends came. Of course not missing my Darling. Kinda neglected him uh. So sorry my Darling. Hmm Darling stayed till 12am, watched VCD with me in my cosy bed then left. I'm really really very happy yesterday.

(Birthday(s) pictures can't be uploaded because I'm so clumsy today. I don't know what I do and the memory card is stucked in Darling's lappy and it can't be taken out unless we screw out the entire lappy. Went to West Coast Plaza for help but they say must send to service centre. So ok never mind, bought a new memory card for his brother's camera but too big! Went back to change it but they say can't. Gosh spent my money buying a new one. Sigh 50bucks gone from me just like that because of my clumsyness. Kill me.)

Darling had his CAPL Dota competition round 2 today while I waited for him at his place for JieYi's birthday celebration. Superb Darling. He made it to the 3rd round but lost. Heh nevermind Darling. Train harder next time okay :D Oh anyway I bought a coin container or whatever you guys call that for Darling. Decided to save $1 each everyday and spend it all during our 1 year anniversary. Hee so by that time should have $700 plus.

Tomorrow is 5km MILK Run. Old birds say AG Girls always beat others. Hehe so should be very easy I suppose.


Birthday : O8O792

I have no problems to befriend with anybody & I have a lots of personality that make others hard to understand me. Like a chameleon, I always manage to suits myself with environment but I do suffer because I depend mostly in luck and mood.


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