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Wednesday, July 29, 2009 8:34 PM

Chey I'm not the only having blogger problem. I thought is my blogskin initially.

I'm having a very bad headache since morning till now and whenever I have it means I'm gonna have a fever. Wanted to take MC due to laziness but Darling don't allow. He says if there's 1 time means there'll be 2 time then I'll keep taking MC. Hehe ok lor. But there's already 4 people with MC in my class. The schools says if 5 or more, the whole class will be cancelled. Quick quick, 5th one come on =/ I realise that although Wednesday ends 1 hour earlier than Monday but it's more freaking tiring! At least Monday lessons are very very slack. School as per normal today.

So today is mid-week. I'm always very happy when it comes to mid-week cuz 2 more days to weekends and I can meet Darling starting from Thursday. Still wondering where to buy our rings. Darling says he wants to encrave our name on each ring as 'Fatty' and 'Handsome' -.- So, obviously I'm the fatty. And if I manage to get the sponsorship from Mount Alvernia, they'll backpay us from January! Which means I'll get $6800 straight! Gosh and I can definitely buy Darling a Gucci belt. Pray hard that I can get in.

(Random) Hahaha you guys got your retribution!


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