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Saturday, June 13, 2009 10:24 AM

Welcome our new family member: Tigerrrrrrr! Look at the difference between Baby and Tiger! Tiger is only my palm size. Oh anyway Tiger is a male. Baby is getting very jealous and angry these few days. We tried to put 2 of them together but Baby would always try to attack. Ya Baby is always alone these few days and she just broke a cup yesterday.

Oh well, I think it has been a long time since I've posted an angry post. Yesterday was the last day at Ward 4 and I was totally pissed off with 2 other attachment girls. Use your bloody pea brain to think whose at fault first before blaming other people lah. Taking damn long breaks or the people complaining it to teacher? Oh I think I should not be using the word 'complain' because we're just doing ourselves a favour. By letting you guys going for 1 hour break doesn't benefit us at all instead it add up our work load. You guys don't need to come and act up a conversation infront of me cuz' this is just being childish. Seriously I find that you girls have no life because your common topic is only about boys boys boys. It really disgust me so much. Bloody mofos!

Ok tomorrow will be the Mizuno 10km Run. My first 10km run was Run for Hope and that was like so long ago? Tried out the route with other girls and it was quite okay. The up slope was really a killer but most of the route is running along road side. Hundreds of runners wearing green jersey while AG Girls will be the ones in blue. The NewPaper reporters says whoever came in first (within AG Girls), she'll give us $500! Hehehe I'll do my very best!

Bri's chalet today and Darling don't wana go with me!



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