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Monday, May 25, 2009 6:14 PM

Hmm I'm at lan now. Darling have to work so come and accompany him. He's lying on my hand now so I have difficulty typingggg! Yesterday watch Monster VS Alien, damn funny la. Went to eat dinner at Burger King then back to hostel after that. Was very very pissed yesterday. When we were about to enter the theatre, Gary called and all vulgarities came out, scolding me, saying that I told JiaMin that he smsed me. Wtf la. Still asked me not happy come and talk. Hahaha childish la. No wonder Bri's breast don't grow at all!

Oh my god and my dad called me halfway through the movie. Ya so he'll be coming over on the weekends to give allowance. Hope that this time the relationship between my parents and I can be better so I can introduce Darling to them. At least Darling is better off than someone else.

Today work was very fun. I love my patient alot alot! Old but cute. One of them are so afraid of pain that we haven even touch him, he wailed like nobody business! Recently, my motivation to go for work is because of that particular patient :D

Ayeee I also love my Darling alot ok! Was disturbing him in sms last night and he suddenly turned so serious. He says that he is very serious in all relationship especially now this relationship cuz he wana settle down fast. After NS, he'll plan for marriage. Build up a career first before we have our children. I like this. Darling have been pampering me every single day which makes me love him more and more. Everytime we met up, I'm so reluctant to leave him but no choice. Darling I love the way when you're serious, I love the way when you show your maturity. I love you for who you are and everything you are! I love youuuuuuuuuuuu :D

Okay time to eat. Darling to nagging at me!


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