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Saturday, May 30, 2009 10:01 AM

Darling is having a bad headache and he's resting now. Darling was nearly angry with me last night because my mood was so down that it spoiled his mood too. But I guess his alright now. Bought a small heart shape cake from the bread shop just now for him. It's obvious that the taste would be sucky but I just want the heart shape. Hehe.

Actually I find that afternoon shift is quite fun if you find work to do yourself. The patient I like most asked me to be his God Daughter! Well obviously can't. (He have some social issues.) He kept on reminding me to give him my address and he'll go to my house with his wife one day to meet my parents. Haha so sweet but too bad he can't. His wife also bought dessert for me but it's wrong to accept patient's stuffs in hospital so I didn't took it. He say we must go to temple and pray then can 'legally' be God Parents and Daughter. Then say he have alot of money. He can buy me these and that. When I'm gonna get married, he'll be there for me. Haha cute la dey. Oh and pervertic patient got transfered to other wards because he have been very touchy to us.

Ayeee it's raining heavily now and everywhere is so dark. Going to Food Festival with Darling tomorrow. Wanted to go with Bri+Kevin, PeiShi+KarSeng but Darling don't want again. He says he don't like. Well what to do. Anti-social behaviour :x


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